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Royal Farm

Royal Farm is the taste of Denmark

The Danes are said to be the happiest people in the world. A significant part of this honor is that Denmark is a safe and secure country to live in – not least when it comes to food safety. From birth, we are brought up with quality foods that meet strict government requirements. Foods that enhance our physical and mental health, and is the very foundation of our healthy upbringing.

At Royal Farm, we spend most of our time making healthy and tasty products. However, after many years in industry, we know that great taste is not ‘just’ about finding the right recipe. It’s just as much about using good, fresh and safe ingredients. And when it comes to health, we at Royal Farm believe that ecology and organic ingredients are especially important.

Our Products


Whole Milk and Skimmed Milk

Royal Farm’s organic milk powder is produced using only the freshest milk. This means that the milk comes from free ranging cows that are on pasture for at least 200 days a year, and that the cows’ feed is 100% organic and GMO-free.


Whole Milk and Skimmed Milk

Royal Farm’s conventional milk powder is produced according to the highest quality standards and is the closest you will get to a fresh glass of milk straight from the cow, free of additives of any kind.


For Diet and Seniors

Royal Farm’s protein powder is a healthy protein source that is low on fat and carbohydrates and therefore becomes an important part of a healthy weight-loss plan or senior diet.

Diet product

Fueled by passion

At Royal Farm we are passionate about products based on the century long traditions of Danish farming and agriculture.


Quality driven

Creating quality products is what drives us and we are rigid about it. We strongly believe that everyone deserves the right to eat and drink quality products.


Respect for nature

Being from a country build on agriculture we acknowledge the importance of sustainable production. Thus, all our products are manufactured with a minimum of processing applied.


Proven expertize

We have gathered a team of likeminded entrepreneurs and experts in each their respective fields with years of experience in creating high quality agricultural products.



Denmark is a country that was built on agriculture, with many small farms. Danes have high expectations and know what they want from their milk – freshness!


Constant innovation

Though we build our company on the traditions of Danish farming we constantly strive to innovate by applying latest nutritional knowledge with our advanced production facilities.

We want to set a new standard for safe milk powder products

See our food control report (kontrolrapport)

Send us a message

If you have any questions/inquries about our brand or production, feel free to leave us a message

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map location


You may always find us here

Indiakaj 20, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark.


+45 40 12 37 76