About the brand and our production

Fueled by passion

At Royal Farm we are passionate about products based on the century long traditions of Danish farming and agriculture.


Quality driven

Creating quality products is what drives us and we are rigid about it. We strongly believe that everyone deserves the right to eat and drink quality products.


Respect for nature

Being from a country build on agriculture we acknowledge the importance of sustainable production. Thus, all our products are manufactured with a minimum of processing applied.


Proven expertize

We have gathered a team of likeminded entrepreneurs and experts in each their respective fields with years of experience in creating high quality agricultural products.



Denmark is a country that was built on agriculture, with many small farms. Danes have high expectations and know what they want from their milk – freshness!


Constant innovation

Though we build our company on the traditions of Danish farming we constantly strive to innovate by applying latest nutritional knowledge with our advanced production facilities.

Royal Farm works with world class cattle production


Danish cattle farms are among the very best in the world when it comes to environmental and climate friendly production of dairy.

The modern cattle housing systems and professional management contribute to a high level of animal welfare on Danish cattle farms, seen in an international perspective.

Some of the most important areas of requirements for animal welfare dairy prodcution in Denmark include:

  • Requirements for a minimal area per cow and per young animal, as well as the housing design for a separate calving area, and a separate area for sick animals.
  • Ban on tethered cattle housing.
  • Records of how much antibiotic is given to each animal. This is unique by international standards and means that Denmark is at the front in the fight against the development of resistant bacteria.
  • High level of health and hygiene control throughout the complete production cycle, limited use of medicines and a high degree of safety regarding feed.
guy with cow

Danish guaranty for the high quality milk


All dairies in Denmark have a quality control programme for food safety, animal welfare, environmental considerations and milk composition. Quality control programmes cover all legal requirements and additional requirements and recommendations set by the individual dairy.

  • Milk has a natural composition of fat, protein, minerals and other important components.
  • Milk from sick cows and milk with visible changes may not be delivered to the dairy. The milk from each cow is tested before each milking.
  • Danish milk producers have a constant focus on improving milk quality and reducing medicine use.
  • Improvement in udder health continues and the somatic cell count has almost been halved over the last 25 years. Cell count is an indication of the health of the udder, the lower the cell count the better the health of the udder.
  • Hygiene related to cattle housing and the milking process continues to improve (the bacterial count continues to decrease).
  • The hygienic quality of Danish milk is world class, and yet the sector is continually working to further reduce the bacterial count.
  • All milk is pasteurised (heat treated) so that it is free from bacteria, yet the taste is retained.
  • A dairy farmer can always request assistance from milk sector advisers for expert advice on handling the milk from the cow to the milk tank.

Our products

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Conventional milk powder

Whole milk and skimmed milk

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Organic milk powder

 Whole milk and skimmed milk

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Protein powder

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