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Whole Milk and Skimmed Milk

At Royal Farm, we spend most of our time making healthy and tasty products. However, after many years in industry, we know that great taste is not ‘just’ about finding the right recipe. It’s just as much about using good, fresh and safe ingredients. And when it comes to health, we at Royal Farm believe that ecology and organic ingredients are especially important.

Royal Farm’s organic milk powder is available in two variations. Whole milk powder and skimmed milk powder – both are made using only milk from Danish cows.

Our milk powder is produced by extracting the water from the fresh milk. Before this the milk has been gently pasteurized so the rich taste is preserved. This is why we like to say that Royal Farm’s milk powder is the closest you will come to a fresh glass of milk straight from the cow.

Only the best is good enough

Royal Farm’s products are certified and 100% organic. This means that:

  • Our cows are on pasture for at least 200 days a year – for a minimum of six hours at a time.
  • 100% of the cows’ feed is organic – and at least 60% is roughage.
  • There is no GMO in the feed.
  • Newly born calves stay longer with their mother after birth.
  • The cows’ withdrawal period after being medicated is doubled.
  • There are increased space requirements in the stables compared to conventional milk.

This is not only good for the cows – it can also be tasted in our milk.

Our guarantee for organic quality

Royal Farm meets all Danish and European requirements for ecology and organic production. This is why our products are labeled with both the Danish Ø-label and the green EU logo. These labels are your guarantee for organic quality.

The red Ø-label can be found on organic products that are fully or partly produced and/or packaged in Denmark. The Ø-label is reserved for products that have been physically checked by Danish authorities to ensure that they comply 100% with the EU requirements for organic products.

EU’s green organic label is also proof that the product is produced in accordance with EU requirements for organic products. Since 1 July 2010 it has been required by law to use the EU organic logo on the labeling of organic foods packaged or labeled in the EU.

This is the reason that Danish organic products are labeled with both the green and the red organic label.

  • Energy/kcal2110 kJ/505
  • Fat
    – of which saturated fats
  • Carbohydrates
    – of which sugars
  • Protein24g
  • Minerals5.9g
  • Energy/kcal1500 kJ/355
  • Fat
    – of which saturated fats
  • Carbohydrates
    – of which sugars
  • Protein32g
  • Minerals8g

Our products

product 1
Conventional milk powder

Whole milk and skimmed milk

product 2
Organic milk powder

 Whole milk and skimmed milk

product 3
Protein powder

For diet and seniors